9th Annual CFK/SB6 Parenting Conference

October 18 and 19, 2013 at the Penticton Ramada Inn

What a successful event! We’d like to thank our dynamic speaker Dr. Deborah MacNamara, the Credit Unions of BC, the Penticton Ramada Inn and all those who attended.

Approximately 83 people attended on the Friday evening when Dr. MacNamara presented Raising Children in a Digital World.  The digital world is here to stay and technology is playing an increasing role in the lives of our children.  For their sakes as well as ours, we need to learn about its usage, value and pitfalls in light of the attachment needs of children.

On Saturday, over 100 people heard Dr. MacNamara speak on Alpha Children: Reclaiming our  Rightful Place in Their Lives and Making Sense of Anxiety. Refreshments and a hot buffet lunch were included in the price of $30 per person or $45 per couple for both days.  Eighteen children enjoyed the free on-site child minding.  Storybooks and other items were provided to each participant.  Participation certificates were also provided.

Deborah interned with Dr. Gordon Neufeld and is on faculty at the Neufeld Institute. She is a clinical counselor and educator in private practice helping parents, teachers and childcare professionals make sense of children in their care. She has over 15 years experience as a teacher and counsellor in mental health and education settings. Deborah is a dynamic presenter and writes on a number of parenting issues and has been published in parenting magazines and newsletters across Canada.

A few participant comments:

“Excellent speaker-relevant to parents of children of all ages”

“I have a child who lives with anxiety, so it was very encouraging to hear about this topic.  That staying connected with my son is so important really hit home.  I look forward to taking all the information I’ve heard today and exploring it further and putting it to use in my home with  my family and with the little ones in my care each day.”

“Great stories, great info, wonderful speaker”