Fifth Annual CFK Parenting Conference

On Saturday, October 24, 2009, Communities for Kids held its 5th Annual Parenting Conference at Parkway Elementary School in Penticton BC.  Eighty-two participants enjoyed the opportunity to explore ideas on how to encourage and enhance the development of children up to 6 years of age.  The day-long conference gave participants the choice of workshops from important topics such as: “Incredible Dads”, “Drumming”, “Yoga Playtime”, “Food FLAIR”, “Storyboards”, “Anxiety and Children”, “Mistaken Behaviour” and “Pitfalls of Praise”.  Ten displays representing 21 organizations offered information on many aspects of caring for children, and wonderful door prized donated by local businesses and agencies were given away.  Canvas tote bags containing valuable information, as well as a book and activity ideas, were presented to each participant to take home.  Comments from the Conference evaluation included: “Keep up the great work with wonderful conferences!”; “I thoroughly enjoyed my day learning and listening.  I will absolutely do it again”; “I had a great day!  I enjoyed all my classes, and took away new ideas and tools”.

Workshops and Presenters

Keynote Address,Jeff Hay

The role of the father has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Today, fathers are becoming more and more
involved in the early years of their child’s life – moving from the lonely role of punisher/protector to the exciting roles of
nurturer, playmate and mentor. When your child is in trouble, are they running to Dad, or running away from him? By
letting go of the traditional ‘role’ of the father, today’s dads are creating a greater connection and stronger relationship with
their child. In this exciting and entertaining keynote presentation, we will explore the changing role of the father and
simple approaches, ideas, and tips to help dads (and moms) be more connected with their children. Special emphasis will
be placed on creating strong father/daughter and father/son bonds. For the childcare provider, we will highlight how to
make your programs more “father-friendly” and what makes a father feel comfortable in new childcare settings.

Incredible Dads – from Good to GREAT , Jeff Hay

When someone says, “Man, that guy is an incredible father!”, what are they seeing, hearing, sensing? In this workshop,
we will explore more in-depth the main topics from the key note, uncover just what these Super Dads are doing, and how
to incorporate these ideas into your life. Dads help instill values, increase self-esteem, build social skills, teach
compassion and develop resiliency. Come and learn how the involved father becomes the incredible father.
Jeff Hay brings with him the excited energy of being a new father and years of experience operating a Children’s Center.
Jeff, husband to Leeanna, and proud father of William and now Jacqueline, is dedicating his life’s work to motivating
fathers to stay involved in all aspects of their child’s life – creating a strong and effective lifelong relationship – moving
away from the lonely roles of provider and punisher and embracing exciting NEW roles. With a background in recreation,
teaching, broadcasting, and motivational speaking, Jeff wants to motivate fathers to be Mentors, Leaders, Nurturers, and
Playmates for their children. He continues to work on his book, “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!”

Drumming Workshop,Bobby Bovenzi

This workshop will combine percussion, singing, dancing and creative movement. Activities will include ideas for home
made instruments, games like The Roller Coaster, The Wave, ABC’s, The Train Game, Echo, and Ding Ding Dong. You’ll
explore books that can be turned into rhythm games like Hand Hand Fingers Thumb. Movement activities will include The
Machine and Freeze, and we’ll learn a birthday song and dance game from Ghana. There will also be time to share ideas
or create new ones as a team!
Bobby Bovenzi, master facilitator and renowned West African and Arabic percussionist has presented thousands of
workshops in Canada, the US and Japan since 1997. He has earned a MS in Elementary Education, a BS in African and
African-American Studies and an Elementary Education Certificate. Bobby’s style of teaching allows participants to feel
comfortable, self-confident and inspired. More information about Bobby can be found at ww.nankama.com

Yoga Playtime,Wildflower

Through a simple weaving of fun and interactive physical activity, movement skills, songs, rhymes and literacy, Yoga
PlayTime delivers to both child and adult: stress relief; a limber body; a calm, focussed mind; and a strong bond of
connection. In this hands-on session, learn the resources and tools needed to bring gentle, playful yoga fun with a
sprinkling of cozy, quiet moments into your home, child care centre or school to engage and nurture the babies and
children in your life.
Wildflower is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and the founder of Shanti Yoga Therapy. Through her years teaching
yoga to babies, toddlers, preschoolers, educators and parents, she developed the gentle and playful Yoga PlayTime
Program. Her spirit blossoms with every opportunity to share yoga with all ages, from babies to seniors

Food F.L.A.I.R(Fun,Learning Activities, Information and Recipes),Cornne Valleau

This workshop will give you the tools to create an environment that supports healthy eating in children. We will look at
how to make healthy eating a part of children’s everyday learning and how to work with families to promote healthy eating
for the social, emotional and physical development of their young children. In this workshop you can try out some exciting
activities to help encourage healthy eating in young children, and you will leave with a resource book full of more
activities. Please note: this workshop will be presented over two sessions.
Corinne Valleau
is an Early Childhood Educator and has her degree in Child and Youth Care. She is currently the Senior
Consultant with Penticton and District Child Care Resource and Referral, and a mother of two children.

Storyboards for Fun and Much More, Kelly Moog and Pat Buckland

Storyboards have a special magical quality that children love. They allow for hands-on involvement which encourages
active listening – very appealing to children. They also provide variety to story times. As an early literacy activity that also
encourages children to make up their own stories, they are an inexpensive, portable resource for supplementing stories
your children love. While learning about the wonder of storyboards, you will make two easy and fun storyboards to
entertain your children while at the same time encouraging active involvement with a story (or song). Materials will be
supplied. If you have one of your own favourite or unique storyboards, please bring yours to share.
Pat Buckland has been involved in adult and family literacy since 1987, and with Communities for Kids since 2003. She
believes reading is the best activity in the world and encourages parents to read to their children every day from a very
early age.
Kelly Moog’s joy in life is children, especially her very first grandchild, Rose. Over the years she has worked with children
and families facilitating a variety of children’s groups and parenting programs. Currently she works with Communities for
Kids, CAP-C and the Infant Development Program.

Anxiety and Children,Maureen Rosson

This extremely informative workshop will include: recognizing anxiety in young children; strategies to help children reduce
anxiety; how parents can help other care-givers support your child with anxiety; and resource information such as the
internet, books and articles.
Maureen Rosson has an Undergraduate degree in Secondary-Post Secondary Bachelor of Education from the University
of Alberta and a Masters of Education in Psychological Foundations from the University of Victoria. Her background
includes secondary and vocational education, family support intervention, foster care and child & youth mental health.
She is currently the Intake and Urgent Response Clinician for Child & Youth Mental Health, South Okanagan region.

Mistaken Behaviour: Managing Children’s Behaviour, Brenda Fisher-Barber

This workshop will assist all individuals who work or live with preschoolers to better understand their behaviour, why it
may be occurring and how to manage difficult times.
Brenda Fisher-Barber is celebrating 26 years in the early childhood education field and has a wealth of knowledge in the
area of early learning and early childhood education. Brenda has taught preschool for 11 years and was a college
instructor of early childhood educators for 13 years. Brenda is also a curriculum developer with 2010 LegagiesNow 3 to 5
year old PALS project, and also developed the ECE program at Sprott-Shaw Community College. Brenda has been
employed with School District 67 as the StrongStart Facilitator at Queen’s Park Elementary School for the past 2.5 years.

Pitfalls of Praise,Theresa Bouchard

Wondering what really motivates children to learn, persevere, and succeed? Looking for ways to acknowledge your
children for their achievements, accomplishments and contributions that will encourage them to be thinkers and leaders,
be resilient, and have healthy self esteem? Join Teresa as she shares the “Pitfalls of Praise” and offers more effective
strategies that help motivate children to do well for themselves.
Teresa Bouchard is an Occupational Therapist, Educator, Parent Coach/Consultant, wife and mother of two young boys.
She empowers parents to create the family life they want and gives parents, teachers, and childcare providers the tools
and strategies they need in “Raising Respectful, Resourceful and Responsible Children”. (www.KelownaParenting.com)