First Annual CFK Parenting Conference “Let’s Celebrate” – November 2005

“Let’s Celebrate” was a series of workshops for parents, grandparents, caregivers, ECE workers and child care providers held on November 5, 2005 at the Penticton Alliance Church. Each of the 60 participants, the majority being parents, attended their choice of three workshops on the following topics:

  • Recreation is M.A.G.I.C.
  • Learning Styles
  • Nine Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child
  • Food and Behaviour
  • Sunrise, Music for Young Children
  • Stress Busters
  • Opening the Door to Language Learning with Sign Language
  • You, Your Child and Books
  • Spirit Bundles

Registration cost included attendance to the workshops, breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon coffee. Participants were presented with a folder containing a variety of parenting leaflets, as well as parenting messages on bookmarks, fridge magnets, and key chains.

Local youths provided a lunchtime entertainment program of Punjabi dancers, a juggling act and a singer. Draws for door prizes donated by those providing displays took place throughout the day. Also throughout the day, participants had the opportunity of collecting additional parenting information from 8 display tables.

Completed evaluation forms at the end of the day provided very positive comments.

Workshops and Presenters

Recreation is M.A.G.I.C., Carol Flynn

Join Carol Flynn in using a “hands-on” approach to investigate the benefits of recreation in the healthy development of
children 0-6 years. Carol will demonstrate that with a little “M.A.G.I.C.” (Mystery, Adventure, Games, Inspiration, and
Creativity) parents, caregivers and educators can provide daily quality and enjoyable experiences to infants and toddlers.
Come ready to play, sing and share new ideas!
Carol Flynn was born in London, Ontario and started working with children at a young age as a swimming instructor and
residential camp counselor. She came to BC in 1995 and has been enjoying working as a Recreation Programmer in the
Okanagan Valley ever since. She has worked in Okanagan Falls, Vernon, and Penticton and is now in a permanent position
at the Sonora Community Centre in Osoyoos. Carol was an active member of the Communities for Kids Steering Committee
and has participated in community table meetings in Penticton and Osoyoos. Carol has recently become one of 15 High Five
program trainers in the province who are qualified to teach the High Five quality assurance program as well as evaluate
recreation programs for children using the Quest assessment tool.

Learning Styles, Nancy Noble-Hearle

Do you ever wonder why people learn and interact with other people in many different ways? Isabel Briggs Myers would
say we all have differing gifts which guide us through our daily lives. Nancy will explore how these preferences affect our
earning styles and interactions with our spouses, children, friends and colleagues.
Nancy Noble-Hearle discovered her passion in Adult Literacy over 20 years ago at North Island College in Campbell
River. Since 1987, she has worked in the Adult Literacy Volunteer program and taught Adult Literacy classes at Okanagan
College, Penticton Centre. She is a trained Myers Briggs instructor and has taken numerous courses through the Justice
Institute on Conflict Resolution. For six years, Nancy coordinated a family literacy program and Homework Club.
Additionally, she worked as a Regional Literacy Coordinator for 3 years.

You, Your Child and Books, Vicky White

Parents often ask, “When should I start to read to my child?” and the answer is “NOW”. It is never too early to begin to
instill in your child a love of words. A parent is a child’s most important teacher, you need to seize every opportunity you
can to share stories, songs and sounds with your child from the moment you first hold them in your arms. This one hour
presentation will provide suggestions to help you start your child on the pathway to developing a love of reading and will
focus on sharing rhymes, songs and storytelling.
Vicky White is the Community Librarian for the Oliver Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library. She has been in charge of
the children’s programs there since 1987 and has presented preschool story times, toddler times, bedtime story hours, summer
programs and popular seasonal events. She is also a registered Mother Goose program teacher, a published author of a local
history book and an unpublished author of numerous children’s stories that she shares with her program participants.

Food and Behaviour, Edith van de Watering/ Margie Colcough

Did you know that there is a strong connection between the food your child eats and his/her behaviour? Please join Dr. van
de Watering and Margie Colclough as they share information about how foods affect the brain and your child’s behaviour.
Food samples will be shared during the talk.
Dr. Edith van de Watering, BCRCC, is a Dutch registered Health Care Psychologist and Child & Youth Psychologist. She
is a member of the Dutch Neuropsychological Society (NVN) and the International Neuropsychological Society (INS). Dr.
Edith van de Watering pursued her Doctoral Degree in Psychology at the University Brabant (1987 Tilburg, Netherlands).
Currently, she works as a Psychologist for the Child Development Centre (Penticton) and has a private counseling clinic
Margie Colclough is a speech/language pathologist who has been working with children from birth to age 5, for 15 years.
Her hobby is nutrition and particularly how food affects children’s behaviour.

Spirit Bundles, Carmen Pierre

Carmen is offering the ‘Spirit Bundles’ session, a guided imagery exercise which gives focus and symbolic meaning to
cultural presentations and activities. Upon completion of the ‘Spirit Bundles’ session, participants will have had an
opportunity to share their experiences and leave with gifts and messages that assist in the overall participation of early
childhood development.
Carmen E. Pierre is of Shuswap, Okanagan and Collville descent, and brings with her, cultural teachings and inner wisdom.
Carmen is a “Communities for Kids” Aboriginal Community Facilitator.

9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child, Maggie Reigh

Yes! It really is possible to raise children full of life and spirit and maintain your sanity at the same time! Do you find
yourself struggling for control over your children when what you really want to do is empower them and yourself? Are you
looking for new ways to inspire and motivate your children to achieve their full potential and stand strong in the face of peer
pressure? Do you want to add more humor, sparkle and shine to your home life? This workshop will show you how to turn
power struggles into powerful relationships, encourage responsibility and cooperation in your children, build solid and
influential relationships with them, and make your home a more inviting and fun place to be – for everyone!
Maggie Reigh, author of the book and parenting program 9 Ways to Bring out the Best in You and Your Child, is an
international speaker and master storyteller. She has helped thousands of parents and professionals improve communication,
effectively discipline, reduce stress and create influential and meaningful relationships with children. Maggie appears
weekly on CHBC television, and was CBC radio’s parenting columnist for 3 1/2 years.

Stress Busters, Russ Barker

This workshop will concentrate on posture and breathing as a basis for physical and mental wellbeing. Learn easy exercises
to reduce stress and calm emotions for both parents and children. Easy and fun interactive exploration of the profound
physiological effects of breathing and posture will also be offered.
Russ Barker, is a Registered Massage Therapist, co-owner of Stepping Stones Clinic in Penticton,
certified Neuromuscular therapist, and certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist.

Sunrise, Music for Young Children, Penny Johnson

Sunrise is an exciting preschool music program offered by Certified Music For Young Children Teachers in their own
studios, nursery school and daycare settings. Children are introduced to the exciting world of music through singing, rhythm
and listening activities. Group instruction enhances development of listening awareness, fine motor skills, attention span and
social skills. For further information refer to www.myc.com.
Now, in her 15th year of teaching music, Penny Johnson was certified in 1989, to teach all rhythm and piano levels in the
Music for Young Children programs, including Sunrise, Sunshine, Sunbeam, Moonbeam and Adult. Since age 8, Penny has
played piano. At age 13 she began accompanying choirs and playing for weddings. Summers of 1977 to 1980, she was the
music and drama director with Bird River Bible Camp. In 1980, she graduated from nurse’s training and worked as an LPN
for 8 years. Besides MYC students, she teaches advanced levels in piano, as well as directs the singing and drama group,
Musically Yours Performers. Under her direction, they have produced 2 original CD’s and a play. As a singer-songwriter,
she has also developed her own compositions and produced a CD in 2004. Mother of 6, her passions are children and music.
Her joy is in passing on the love for music-making.

Opening the Door to Language Learning with Sign Language, Liz Zischka

Sign Language is a bridge to oral communication. Research has shown that children’s verbal language progresses faster when
signing is used. Toddlers experience less frustration because they are able to communicate their wants and needs. A strong
bond is created between parent and child. Please join us for a fun, interactive 11/2-hour presentation. You will learn many
early signs and have the opportunity to practice your new skills.
Liz Zischka is a Speech and Language Pathologist working in Interior Health. She has worked with preschoolers for the last
23 years. Early language development is one of Liz’s passions!