About Us

What is Communities for Kids?

Communities for Kids (CFK) is a non-profit coalition of parents, professionals and community members interested in early childhood development. We are one of many Children First initiatives in B.C. Our region spans from Summerland south to Osoyoos and west to Princeton, and includes four First Nations and 11 distinct communities.

CFK’s Vision

Every Child Thrives

CFK’s Mission

To engage families and communities in children’s healthy early development

CFK’s Goals

Increase awareness of early childhood development
Facilitate the development of a comprehensive system of early childhood development services
Enhance family connections
Meaningful Aboriginal Engagement

Why is early childhood development important?


The quality of a young child’s life; their physical, nutritional, medical, emotional, social, and cognitive experience, has a lifelong effect.  Research shows that healthy development during the first 6 years of life is critical to positive health and social.

What does Communities for Kids do?

Communities for Kids brings parents, professionals and community members together to support positive early childhood development for all children.  Communities for Kids facilitates information sharing, communication, and collaboration among professionals working with young children to.

How is Communities for Kids organized?

The Steering Committee governs our regional work. Community Tables inform our community work. There are Community Tables in, Keremeos, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos, Princeton, Penticton and Summerland.

The Steering Committee sets the direction and provides the leadership and resources to support CFK’s goals, and supports the work of the Community Tables.  The Community Tables identify the needs of young children and families in their community and identify ways to meet those needs. Community Tables are open to anyone in the community interested in early childhood development.  By everyone contributing to the needs of children, the whole community will benefit.